Small Steps. Big Impact.

Your company’s journey to the cloud can happen overnight – but our approach is longer term.
We offer a gradual transition – one that involves responding to immediate challenges and setting up
a solid foundation for future scalability: one step at a time.

What we offer

Our Services

If our solutions (below) are the technologies we use, then our services are how we present them to our customers.

Collaborative Consultancy

We share our expertise, provide the insights, and deploy the services needed – but we do it in close partnership with you. It’s a true partnership based on long term collaboration.

Risk Management

We find the most poignant pain points or risks and migrate these services to a managed and monitored cloud environment.

Managed Services

Think of Universal as an extension of your IT department. While we have the right skills in-house, customer service is just as important. And yes, our developers are available to help!

On-Demand Support

When we start a project no-one’s clocking up the hours simply to tick a box and get paid. We earn our customers’ trust by giving them the services they need, when they need it.

What we offer

Our Solutions

Underpinning our services are three core tech solutions, which can be broadly categorised as:

Cloud Solutions

From Microsoft Azure to our own privately-hosted cloud environment – or even a hybrid of the two – we can get your business users all set up for remote access.

Cloud Solutions

As a Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) we make sure our customer get the full benefit of our extensive in-house knowledge and receive bespoke support for microsoft 365 and Azure public cloud service.

Looking to replicate your on-premises data centre in a private cloud environment? We have our own dedicated solution. Secure yet accessible, it’s suitable for businesses with temporary cloud needs.

By combining public cloud services like Azure and Microsoft 365 with Universal’s private cloud, we can offer customers a seamless, flexible, and integrated hybrid solution, where they can use a single identity to access all of their cloud services.

Cloud Security

Whether you’re looking for secure modern workplace services – like Windows Virtual Desktop – or Enterprise-grade security for your business, we can support your efforts.

Cloud Security

At Universal, we safeguard your cloud resources by controlling, monitoring and improving your security. We offer a range of solutions that can be tailored according to your business needs.

Modern workplace tools empower employees to work from anywhere on any device – creating seamless communication and collaboration. We help organisations do so securely: in a way that works for them.

Intelligent Communications

Think of Universal as an extension of your IT department. While we have the right skills in-house, customer service is just as important. And yes, our developers are available to help!

Intelligent Communications

Connect your on-premises telephony network to Teams and enjoy complete flexibility and a broad range of options. You don’t even have to port your telephone number!

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uWebChat is a communications tool that integrates with your company’s website – allowing your customer service or sales team to interact with site visitors via live web chat.

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UCallManager adds contact centre functionality to Microsoft Teams. Service level dashboard and easy business app integration makes Teams calling an even richer experience.

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Make data really work for your organisation, enhance productivity, and creat Power Apps to streamline and automate tasks. Just a small ‘touch of power’ can yield some huge results – through simple, yet effective implementation. 

Our Sectors

Serving Our Solutions

What businesses in different sectors can expect from our suite of cloud solutions.

Financial Services

Security & safety. Structure and accessibility. Insights and more. Finance is changing rapidly. Only the cloud can keep pace.

IT Consultancies

Innovation, scalability, secure servers, and software solutions. We can help Managed Service Providers with all of this and more via our private and public clouds.

Manufacturing & Logistics

Data plays a big role in manufacturing and logistics. We help companies get more from theirs – enabling them to use it to best effect.

Professional Services

The need for more flexible, remote working requires a new set of scalable tools and technologies.

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