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Making the right choises is crucial

The Microsoft Cloud is like a huge playground, tools and services seem to be unlimited and are immediately available. To choose the perfect combination of services is crucial since you want to choose the services that suit your organization best, and have it seamlessly integrate with your current systems in the Cloud, hybrid or on-premises. But you also want to keep track of costs and to be able to allocate them to the different departments, and – very important these days – be able to adapt to changing circumstances inside or outside your organization. And a no-brainer; services must be secure.

Nothing is more frustrating for a company than being stuck with long-term contracts or licenses that are not or insufficiently used, or employees creating shadow IT processes because the implemented method is too complex or unclear for them. Or even worse; not being able to work at all because services  are not available.

As a Microsoft Partner, we understand these challenges and we help companies and organizations to set up, manage and monitor the Cloud workplace in the best possible way. And of course with IT hospitality; adequate and personal support.

Microsoft 365 Licenses

As a Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), Universal IT provides Microsoft licenses directly to the end customer, without the intervention of a distributor. This creates a closed triangle between customers – Microsoft and Universal, so no unfamiliar people with unwanted full admin authorizations in your Microsoft tenant. Next to that; the advantage is that you pay by invoice from Universal IT per month – and no longer via credit card transactions to Microsoft (where a failed transaction can lead to suspension of services). You can activate licenses yourself and instant in the extensive Universal Customer Portal.

Universal Office and Team
Universal Office and Team

Service and adequate support

For most companies, most important is the service level they receive from their partners. Advice on licensing and full support on services are being offered by Universal IT. You can rely on experience and expertise. Microsoft – evidently- sets high standards for their Tier 1 partners. Universal IT is Tier 1 and has the Microsoft Gold status. This means that our employees are certified in Cloud technology and that Universal has extensive experience with Microsoft 365 services because of the volume of licenses and services that we provide. We provide Cloud Services since 2006. Tens of thousands of mailboxes we migrated to the Cloud, hundreds of file servers we migrated to SharePoint Online, and the same number of organizations we lifted from an in-house PBX to Lync, Skype for Business, and now Teams. Not to mention the countless PowerApps we have created for our customers to optimize processes. Or the Universal Private Cloud that we offer from 2 NL datacenters and that enables us to offer connectivity and customization. This combination of expertise and services makes sure we can provide the best service and support. For you to accelerate. 

Stay in control of your environment

In terms of knowledge and expertise, you can rely on us, but we believe that we can make a difference by working together. We believe that you should remain in control of your environment so that we can contribute, advise and share knowledge as an extension to your organization. Only when we work together we can take the Cloud workplace to the next level. This is how we distinguish ourselves and that is why we offer our customers a user-friendly self service portal to add licenses and configure services. 

Universal Customer Portal

Clear reports and insights

This means that we constantly monitor your environment and take action when we detect irregularities. This makes us an extension of your organization or IT department. We also carry out frequent evaluations so that we can check your demands and requirements, monitor costs, and make proactive adjustments if necessary when circumstances change. Finally, we provide clear reports and insights. We believe in transparency. This means that we make reports and communication completely transparent for our customers in the Universal Customer Portal.


A good start is crucial in a successful collaboration. Universal always starts with a quick scan. An online session in which we immerse ourselves in your world, fine-tune and determine your demands  and goals. The result is a recommendation for licenses, setup, data migration, configuration, and integration. And, of course, a detailed roadmap so that it is clear what happens when and what the impact is for administrators or end-users. For end users, we offer adoption sessions – online or on location. After all, it is crucial to involve and inform end-users along the way. This is all managed by a Universal project manager, who is taking the lead and making sure goals are reached. 

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Universal Office and Team

Added value

Once you have settled into the Microsoft 365 Cloud, Universal will help you to see how you can further optimize or secure your current work processes. Our consultants and developers continually work together with our customers to ensure that users can work more effectively and productively, for example, by assisting in designing your intranet, creating PowerApps for process optimization, or the further integration of Microsoft 365 with your systems. With Security as a Service, Universal also offers active monitoring of security incidents and we continuously work with you to reach an even higher security level. We objectively and measurably bring your organization and your employees to a safer workspace by using the Microsoft 365 Secure Score.

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