Security as a service logo Your Trusted Partner for Security as a Service is a leading provider of security as a service (SECaaS) solutions that help you protect your data, devices, and applications from cyber threats. We use the CIS Critical Security Controls (CIS Controls) as a framework to guide our security services and ensure that you meet the highest standards of cyber security and compliance.

A continuous process of monitoring and proactive intervention, based on CIS Controls

Keeping devices, data, infrastructure, and identities continuously secure can be a time-consuming task. Nevertheless, it is essential to achieve a high level of security when it comes to Cloud security so that control over data remains in accordance with internally agreed guidelines without compromising usability. By working in the Cloud, systems are available online 24-7 and are therefore subject to scans and hacking attempts. This requires a continuous process of monitoring and rapid response to incidents.

Universal IT is ISO 27001

Our Security as a Service work method

  • Inventory; we conduct a comprehensive inventory of your assets, software, data and users, to identify and classify your recources. 
  • Advise; based on a detailed report of your current security status we recommend the best  practice’s that fits your needs and budget. Also, we provide a roadmap implementing CIS controls. 
  • Implement; we deploy and configure the solutions that you have chosen. 
  • License; as a Microsoft Tier 1 partner our customers can purchase licenses, when needed, directly from the Universal Customer Portal. 
  • Monitoring & alerting; we monitor your services during our SECaaS servicewindow and provide alerting, support and maintenance services.
  • We follow our ISO27001 information security standards for everything we do. 


Security Quickscan

The Security Quickscan is the first step to secure your business with our SECaaS solutions. It gives you a clear picture of your current security level and gaps. It also helps you customize your SECaaS plan according to your budget and needs. The result is a valuable document that you can use to implement the solutions yourself, or outsource (partially or fully) the controls to the Universal Cloud security experts. The Quickscan is free and easy to book. Don’t wait any longer. Find out where you stand and schedule your Quickscan today!
Dataverse - common data model - Power platform

Data Protection

We help you safeguard your sensitive data from unauthorized access, leakage, or loss. We use encryption, backup, recovery, and data loss prevention (DLP) techniques to ensure that your data is secure at rest and in transit.

Secure Configuration

We help you configure your enterprise assets and software according to the best practices and standards. We use vulnerability scanning, patch management, and configuration management tools to ensure that your systems are up to date and free of flaws.
Universal Office and Team
Universal Office and Team

Account Management

We help you manage your user accounts and privileges according to the principle of least privilege. We use identity and access management (IAM), multi-factor authentication (MFA), and single sign-on (SSO) solutions to ensure that only authorized users can access your resources.

Access Control Management

We help you control who can access your network and what they can do on it. We use firewall, VPN, network segmentation, and network access control (NAC) solutions to ensure that your network is secure and segmented.
Universal Asset Management

Continuous Vulnerability Management

We help you identify and remediate any vulnerabilities or threats that may affect your systems and networks. We use threat intelligence, threat hunting, and incident response solutions to ensure that you are aware of and prepared for any cyber attack.