Microsoft 365 CSP Pricelist



Download for Microsoft 365 CSP Pricelist for NCE (Commercial) pricing, non-profit pricing and academic pricing.

Select the accurate pricelist (Corporate/Charity/Academic) to view the monthly list pricing in EUR. Discounts may apply for for partners, yearly payments and/or large volumes. Commercial licenses (New Commerce Experience) are available in yearly monthly commitments. Monthly licenses are priced + 20% for most licenses.

It is possible to align the end date for your Microsoft orders. Please select the end date (retrieved from one of your existing orders – if any) to align your order with.
Licenses will be available in your Microsoft tenant, and ready to assign to your users, within approximately 10 minutes. Should you have accidently ordered the wrong (amount of) products, then the Universal support desk can cancel your order within 7 days. Please e-mail should you need to cancel your order or for any other question or support requests.

Please note that the Microsoft Customer Agreement applies to Microsoft Cloud Services.


Commercial pricing (NCE)

Corporate Microsoft 365 Pricelist

Special qualification pricing




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