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What happens with your data?

What happens to your data when colleagues accidently delete files? Are there current backups of all systems and data? Is the Cloud provider responsible for making backups of your data?

These are questions which you would prefer to have answered now and not when you need to fall rely on a backup once you need it. In a situation where you work with Cloud systems, on premises servers or using a hybrid solution; deploying Cloud backup technology is a wise  solution. However, monitoring a backup process in a dynamic environment can be a time-consuming task. Even when you don’t have time to check everything every day, you want to be assured that data is safe.

Relying on a copy of your data brings peace of mind. Especially when this is stored in a location that is separate from the location of your live data and only accessible by authorized personnel. That is the purpose of the Universal Cloud Backup services.

Simplicity in implementation

Storing your backup data in a secure cloud environment can be done quickly. Universal takes care of the necessary remote installation and guarantees  minimal impact on the existing environment.

Universal Office and Team
Universal Office and Team

Predictable costs

By determining  how long a certain amount of data must be stored, you know exactly what the monthly costs will be. Our broad experience shows that data usually grows and this is taken into consideration since we don’t want our customers to be surprised.

Optimal protection

The transport of data takes place in a secure manner. The stored data is also encrypted. Setting up secure connections (VPN) or direct links with, for example, the Azure Cloud is part of the Universal service. Only authorized people have access. Extensive logging provides insight into who has done what and when. Based on the Zero-trust principle, your data is optimally protected.

Universal Office and Team
Universal Office and Team

Constant monitoring

For various reasons, backup tasks do not always run smoothly. It can happen that source systems were not available or there are problems with the network. Monitoring this is therefore essential. Universal’s primary goal is to never lose any data. All monitoring and alerting are designed to achieve that goal.

Scalable capacity

Cloud backup technology is scalable. This allows you to quickly respond to changing capacity needs. Data can also be restored to a location of your choice. Universal has capacity in both the public cloud and in data centers in the Netherlands.

Universal Office and Team
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Security above all

As a ISO27001 certified organization, information security is a key issue for Universal. Employees are screened and have a proven track record. The past decades Universal has managed many Tera-Bytes of data for companies and organizations in the public and private sector. Universal Cloud Backup Services are:

  • Backup of Exchange (Online), Sharepoint (Online)
  • Backup of Microsoft Teams
  • Backup of (virtual) Linux and Windows servers
  • Backup of Cloud data and On-Premises data
  • Deduplication of data for optimal capacity utilization
  • Application of current encryption technology
  • 24h monitoring and alerting
  • Compliancy check by performing regular restores and guaranteeing operation in an isolated environment.

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