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It really does sleep much better if you use a Disaster Recovery Service.

It’s a scenario you’d rather not dwell on: your most important IT systems are down. What is the impact on the organization? How do you get systems up and running again quickly? Are the backups up to date? Questions that could keep you awake at night as an IT manager. After all, an interruption in the systems usually leads to stagnation in business operations, resulting in high costs, the inability to meet service levels, and perhaps also damage to your image.

It can take hours/days or sometimes weeks to get data and applications operational again from backups. This can cause problems with customer service and put a dent in the image when the organization cannot function. Is that acceptable? If the answer is no then it is necessary to work out a recovery scenario. It is an “insurance policy” against the failure of business-critical systems. Just like insurance against e.g. fire, a so-called Disaster Recovery Service is essential to complement a backup system in order to return to a working situation.

The Universal DRS includes a set of recovery initiatives designed to ensure that critical business functions continue to function despite serious incidents, or are restored to an operational state within a specified period of time.

No expensive infrastructure required

In the past, backup and disaster recovery approaches focused on buying and maintaining complex hardware and software that mirrored mission-critical systems. With our knowledge of and capability in Cloud technology, we can provide a faster, better, and cheaper alternative that keeps up with the speed of your business and frees up resources to focus on other business-related projects. With the flexibility of the Cloud, we can enable backup and recovery in seconds or minutes.

Universal Office and Team
Universal Office and Team

Completely unburdened

  1. 1. Reduce downtime: avoid productivity, financial, and compliance risks
  2. Lower costs: no secondary sites to maintain
  3. Manage complexity: centralize management and automation of services
  4. Ensure compliance: regulatory and compliance requirements are met with data protection
  5. Scale protection: continuity achievable for all workloads at an affordable cost

Certified Solution

The Universal approach includes a disaster recovery business continuity plan for all critical IT systems, without the cost of secondary infrastructure. A concrete roadmap with the implementation from Universal can be seen as insurance in case of emergencies as often required from an ISO27001 certification.

Universal Office and Team
Universal Office and Team

Protect Against Cryptoware

Data and applications cannot be restored with a standard backup solution, which involves restoring TerraBytes of data in the event of an emergency (Fire, Hack, Cryptoware, etc.). By applying replication technology, with a short delay of between 5-60 minutes, a live copy (replica) is made of all disks in use and their configurations.

Fast and secure reconnection

The goals set by management, where a Cloud workplace for example may not be “out of order” for longer than 1 day (RTO, Recovery Time Objective), can be achieved with the Universal Connect Cloud services. Quickly connected again from a second location (our data center in Europe or in the Public Azure Cloud).

Universal Office and Team
Universal Office and Team

All in solution

The Universal Disaster recovery services include:

  • Secure storage of data
  • Secure communication over VPN tunnels
  • Fast connections to Azure with Express Route
  • Recovery tests
  • Support and assistance on VMWare, Hyper-v, or physical hardware
  • Critical applications-Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, SAP, etc

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