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What We Do Best

Our Customer Commitment

Our focus is on people and organization – ensuring we understand each other and make meaningful connections through our work. By being technology-driven, we can focus on making reliable choices for our clients. By focusing on service, as well as technology, we can create ICT solutions that really work.

At Universal we believe that close collaboration is key to commercial success. We work closely alongside our clients – helping them improve processes in a solution-oriented way, breaking routines, saving time, surpassing their achievements, and realizing their ambitions. For us ICT is more than just technology, it’s a way of excelling. It’s what you accomplish with it that counts.

Universal provides innovative end-to-end scalable ICT solutions – the licenses, tools, and applications that businesses need to operate digitally: wherever their teams are based. All our services incorporate the latest security solutions and are enriched with smart connectivity.

The Core Values We Live By






Simply put, we do what it takes to make sure our customers make their way to the cloud in a way that works best for their business.

Who We Work With

We work closely with stakeholders across numerous sectors as they navigate the complexities of cloud migration. While it’s a challenge that companies across many different industries continue to face, we have lots of experience in:

In a sector where security is of paramount importance, have the right safeguards in place to protect company data is non-negotiable.

Managed services providers looking for innovative, scalable, and secure server and software solutions can benefit from our private and public cloud access. 

Manufacturing 4.0. Internet of Things, Connected devices. Data plays a big role in manufacturing. But for it to be effective, it needs to be in the cloud. 

The best modern workplace solutions for remote, mobile, and office-based professionals: on-demand when they need secure access to everything – from anywhere. 

Our Clients

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