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Hosted SharePoint Server

Online collaboration and documentmanagement

Hosted SharePoint; online collaboration, file sharing & document management

SharePoint 2016 allows you to collaborate online, share information and organize projects. Universal SharePoint provides a flexible and scalable service in a pay as you use model, where you can even start with online document management and teamsites and add additional features such as Social Features or Business Intelligence tools later on.

Information securely stored in SharePoint  

Your SharePoint data is safely stored in the Universal Private Cloud. Daily backups of your data, SSL security and 24/7 monitoring is included in our managed service.

Flexible website to collaborate and communicate

The possibilities in SharePoint are almost unlimited. Users can instantly create sites, workspaces, libraries and list and start sharing with others or even instantly start a Skype for Business conversation.

SharePoint easily adapts to your business needs

SharePoint is easy to adapt to your needs. Without any programming knowledge you can create a website, create a database or adjust the style.


Online document sharing

Publish documents online, make them available offline and invite your colleagues to collaborate. Access your information from any internet device at any time. Rich SharePoint features such as version control and alerting contribute to efficient processes and the user friendly interface makes it easy to work with.

Office integration

SharePoint works seamlessly with Office. This means that, from Word, Excel and PowerPoint you will be able to save documents directly to SharePoint. Also, when using Skype for Business, presence information is displayed in SharePoint, you can instanty start a Skype conversation with your colleague to discuss the information that is published on SharePoint. 

Project site on the fly

Starting a new project with your team? You can instantly create a new workspace to share information and collaborate with your team members. Shared Calendars, meeting minutes, news and all the necessary project documentation. The rich Social Features ensure that you will be automatically informed about any progress regarding your project.

Standard, Enterprise, Project

Universal IT offers different hosted SharePoint versions. There is an appropriate feature pack for any budget or any goal. You will be able to upgrade to another version at any time, without data migration. The Standard SharePoint features offer online document sharing, versioning, alerting, Publishing features, Office Web Apps (Office in your webbrowser) and Social Features like SkyDrive Pro, Blog, newsfeed. If you need extended Business Intelligence tools the Enterprise Feature pack brings your rich reporting, analyses and data tools. Finally Universal IT offers a SharePoint Project Web App site bringing you the rich Project Server features integrated in your SharePoint Site.

Dedicated Managed SharePoint Server

SharePoint enables you to install your own webparts by using Sandboxed Solutions. However; if you need access to the SharePoint Central Administration or you need  further integration with any other business application; Universal IT offers a dedicated SharePoint Service. This brings you complete flexibility; a dedicated operating system, access to SharePoint Central Administration and all the features and web parts that are needed for your organization to make the most of your SharePoint Service. This dedicated SharePoint infrastructure is managed, monitored and back-upped by Universal IT. 

SharePoint Customization and Integration

The Universal Hosted SharePoint Services are not limited to providing a perfect hosted service for SharePoint. The Universal SharePoint engineers and developers are perfectly able to assist your organization in configuring, customizing or even integrate the SharePoint Service with  your business applications, whether on premises, hosted or in a public Cloud service.