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Online Backup

Secure your data with the Universal Client & Server Online Backup Services.

Anytime, anywhere access to your current files


Securing your data has never been this easy. Just download our app, select the files you need to back-up and select the frequency (daily, weekly, monthly).Then your are all set. Using BackUp tapes, DVDs and external hard drives is often not accurate enough and is not without risk of fire or theft. Do not take any chance with your business information. Using our online Backup Service will bring you the confidence that your information is safely stored and is accessable whenever and whereever you need it; immediately. 

Automatic back-ups

It is really that easy. Select your files and the frequency of your back-ups and the rest will be done automatically.

Easy to recover your data

in case you need to recover your data the only thing you need to do is login to our webportal and select the files you want to recover.Within a few mouseclicks your information will be restored to your PC or Mac. 


Should a back-up job fail because your PC, Mac or server was not connected to the internet then you will be informed immediately by e-mail. You can restart the back-up job manually.  

Online Client Backup
for Mac & Windows 

Online Backup enables you to store your local Windows or Mac data in a secure way. We provide a 30 day fee trial, you can download the app here - it is for free!



Online Server Backup 

You can easily secure your server files in the Universal Cloud with the online Server Backup. Secure your SQL, Exchange, Oracle, MySQL, Lotus Domino and Lotus Notes files in our Universal Cloud.

Manage your own backup scheme 

You will be able to schedule your Client or Server backup by yourselve in our webbased online backup portal. You can choose daily, monthly, once every 2 weeks, monthly; any scheme is possible. 

Storage on demand 

You can define your own storage quota's for you online Backup Service. Also you will be able to set limits per user or per server. You are in control!

Whitelabelled backup portal for partners

Universal Online Backup Service is also available for white labeled partners. Our partners can access their own, customizable partner portal and provide backup services to their customers. 

Backup software - proven technology

Universal IT chose the proven and user-friendly Ahsay software. The Ahsay software has been implemented in our own Universal Cloud and is fully managed by Universal.Therefore tailor made solutions can be implemented by Universal IT.