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Customer Case


DiVetro is an ICT consultancy, knowledge organization and service provider, active in industries that are highly information-driven or want to start doing so, such as government, education, healthcare, logistics and business service providers.

Customer Case

EFK Belastingadviseurs

The infrastructure Universal delivered proved to be scalable and secure, which were two important requirements. We are all extremely pleased with our new Fiscal Management System – a unique proposition for government organizations.

Customer Case

Royal Lemkes

We work closely with our partners from start to finish, but when it became clear that two of our clients needed to work closely together and exchange information, we began looking for an IT provider that could build a bespoke platform. And that provider was Universal.

Customer Case

Charco & Dique

As our company grew, so did our needs for good ICT facilities. We wanted to automate our services, create a Modern Workplace. We needed an environment where we could store our documents and work together; Universal helped us implement a Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise environment.

Customer Case


Nippur has a client-first mentality and prides itself on giving honest advice and sharing knowledge and experience. We’ve only ever had a good experience working with Universal – they provide support for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure.

Customer Case


Our biggest challenge is that a lot of what our customers are asking for isn’t yet available! We are pushing the limits of what is technologically possible and this makes us extra innovative with Microsoft technology. We decided to work with Universal on this.

Customer Case


A few years ago we used Windows Explorer. However, sharing information with external parties was very difficult – which is why we used another software package for that. All of the admin was adding up. This had to change!

Customer Case


Universal came into the picture in 2016. They offered us a solid cloud service. Universal guided us through the transition and helped us get used to the new system. There was next to no downtime – teething problems were resolved quickly.

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