Customer Case


DiVetro is an ICT consultancy, knowledge organization and service provider, committed to the valuable application of digital solutions. They are active in industries that are highly information-driven or want to start doing so, such as government, education, healthcare, logistics and business service providers. 

Joost Heres is a consultant at DiVetro and in addition he has the task of organizing the ICT for his DiVetro colleagues. 

DiVetro and Universal have been working together since 2008. Universal takes care of the office automation for us. This includes Microsoft 365 and its support, hardware (laptops and tablets) and the operating system, Cloud services and Security.

I started working at DiVetro in 2012. My colleagues are satisfied with Universal’s services. No complaints basically means it’s just good. When it comes to hardware, new colleagues can purchase a laptop from Universal. It’s nice to know that when it comes to security, it’s well taken care of and that the security of our hardware meets our guidelines. Furthermore,  emails are checked when links are clicked on, so we are better protected against fraudulent emails. We are also satisfied with the service desk; we always get a pleasant employee on the line who thinks along with us. 

Once every quarter, I have a meeting with Universal about all current affairs. One of these meetings resulted in the conclusion that we want to look more to the future and that it would be interesting to organize an annual strategy session.

In addition, we have recently started organizing knowledge sessions. Recently we had a knowledge session about the efficient use of Teams. And we previously organized a knowledge session on what Microsoft 365 has to offer. These sessions help my colleagues to perform their work even better and more efficiently with the help of Microsoft tools”

“I am very satisfied with Universal and we maintain good contact. As an ICT service provider, I find them a little conservative, but then again that suits an administrator well".

Joost Heres - DiVetro