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Universal IT specialists committed to ban cyber attacks using Conditional Access

Unfortunately, cybercrime is becoming a daily phenomenon. The current situation in Russia only reinforces this problem. Keeping these cybercriminals out of your systems can be a time-consuming task. At Universal we are here to help you out; according to the Zero Trust Principle: don’t trust anyone, use least privileged access, and always assume breach. This requires an effective approach, without having to constantly pursue your employees to make sure they have taken the appropriate security measures.

Conditional access ensures that employees can only access company data when their login credentials and the device they are working on meet your company’s security requirements. If your iOS version is outdated, then you need to update first before you can access your corporate email again.

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With conditional access, you easily and effectively enforce the necessary security requirements for all connected devices and users within your organization. One of the biggest vulnerabilities within organizations is outdated software or the use of outdated protocols. But also logging in with just a username and a simple password. Often employees are not aware of the risks, you may not want to burden them with that, let the systems do the work for you.

Schedule your online Quick Scan and review your SecureScore

Want to know where your organization stands when it comes to security? And more important; which steps you can take (often easily) to achieve a higher overall security level? In an online meeting, one of our security experts will perform a quick scan on your Microsoft 365 and/or Azure environment. No obligations.

Where does your organization stand when it comes to security? IT departments do everything they can to achieve the right level, but too often they overlook the weakest link: the user. Do you have enough insight into all possible “shadow IT” – and users who consciously or unconsciously install all kinds of ‘handy’ tools to make their lives at work easier? What about the use of “illegal” software in your organization? Who is using it and why?

How do I protect my organization even more?

With Intune, you easily and effectively enforce the necessary security measurements for all connected devices (computers, tablets, smartphones) and users within your organization. With a remote rollout your system administrator can perform more important tasks than checking and updating all the workstations one by one. 

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Based on the Zero Trust principle, we help to take security within your organization to the next level. With insight, analysis, monitoring and advice.
And with the right applications, starting with Multi Factor Authentication (MFA). Security starts with the protection of your identity!

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