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Advanced calling options for Microsoft Teams 

uCallManager for MS Teams 


Microsoft Teams is already heavily used in many organizations for chat, peer to peer calling and conferencing. The next step is to integrate telephony into Microsoft Teams by adding Phone System features to Office 365. Where Microsoft provides auto attendant and queue functionalities, uCallManager brings telephony to a higher level. uCallManager offers advanced call routing options based on presence, flexible phone number and call management, wallboard features and power BI reporting. Of course, existing phone numbers can be used with  uCallManager or new phonenumbers can be added for your organization. We service over 50 countries worldwide. A calling plan is not needed. uCallManager brings free unlimited interconnection, you only pay for outbound calls to the geographical (mobile/fixed) network.

Advanced callrouting 

Call routing based on availability information (presence), different huntinge huntingmethods, prioritization in agents and visible insight (wallboard) of queues and call statistics. 

MS Teams and SIP 

In addition to Teams users, SIP users can also be connected to uCallManager. This makes uCallManager a flexible platform for users, devices, doorbells, and fax machines. 

Reports and Insights

uCallManager provides clear insight into service levels, waiting times, number of calls and productivity per employee through a simple, clear dashboard. 

(Agent)groups and departments

Office 365 groups can be used for uCallManager, but it is also possible to define your own groups and departments and add employees to these groups. Set up queues and determine the priority so that conversations can be answered by the most suitable employee. 

Servicetimes and holidays

The core element of a telephone exchange is to define  opening hours for your organization and the neccessary  action that needs to be automatically takenoutside the set times (voice mail, voice prompt, callforwarding). UCallManager provides a real-time, easy-to-manage portal that's available even from your mobile device.


With uCallManager, conversations can be recorded and listenend through the uCallManager portal; where conversations are logically organized.

uCallManager Huntingmethods

uCallManager provides various methods for the hunting of agents. Round Robin, serial, routing attendant, and routing based on priorities are methods that can be applied. Setting the appropiate huntingmethod not only ensures the best level of service but also ensures that calls are distributed to the best suitable agent.

uCallManager Dashboard 

A web-based user-friendly management portal for managing your telephony system. Available on PC, MAC and mobile devices. Information is secured by SSL certificates (encryption) and application management is scoped to authorized users within your organization. 

uCallManager Reports

uCallManager provides a comprehensive (power BI) report that gives you real-time insight into service levels, call volume and call service levels, even from your mobile device.