Dynamics 365 Information Security Management System

Dynamics 365 as ISO 27001 System (ISMS)

The best Information Security Management System (ISMS) is the one that is integrated with your main business application.

Last week we had our annual ISO audit. Still always a bit exciting, not because we don’t have confidence in our information security processes but more because as a security as a service provider you should be able to proof that information security processes are all perfectly organized. And fortunately, that was also the conclusion of the ISO auditor. No discrepancy’s, not even recommendations. All in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard for information security. Kudos to our team. And to our security officer. Years ago – at the very first audit – he already realized that this could only work for us if we integrated the information security management system into our own (fully paperless) systems. For that reason, our ISMS is configured in our main business application: Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Example of intelligent and integrated systems

A logical step- and fully in line with what we at Universal continuously do for our customers; provide intelligent and above all integrated systems, which are in line with the working methods and processes in your organization. Only then it is possible to work in accordance with this standard for information security without having to teach your team new tools, applications or working methods – or worse – that you have to struggle with countless Excel documents and forms in order te be able to provide the ISO reports.

In our ISMS, based on dynamics, all iso standards and measures are included – the control tasks are listed here and are displayed as Outlook tasks. Incident registration is linked to improvement plans and then, after assessment, linked to concrete projects that we plan and organize entirely in Microsoft Dynamics.

Commitment and adoption

The entire team is actively part of this ISMS, everyone can suggest improvements, register incidents and view reports and dashboards. And believe me – it’s an IT thing to exaggerate here. That is sometimes also the situation at Universal. It is up to the Security Officer to judge all tasks and improvement recommendations and to prioritize.

No code integrated business applications
This is just 1 example of the real dynamic that Microsoft Dynamics 365 can offer you. Whether it concerns sales processes or complete production planning and manufacturing services – the strength of Dynamics is that you can create your own business application with just a number of simple adjustments to the standard building blocks of Dynamics 365 – without 1 line of code. No code is the way to go. And the out of the box integration with the required Office applications for storing data and communicate with your team makes all this even more powerful. By navigating directly from Dynamics to the accurate document location and by starting a direct chat with your team in Microsoft 365. And we have not even started talking about the numerous options the Power Platform offers. Let’s discuss that in a next blog.
To be competitive; every organization needs to be dynamic
Possibly the biggest advantage of all this is in a situation of change. Many get distressed by the announcement that the ISO 27001 standard is going to be adjusted to the 27001:2022 standard. Requiring adjustments to your ISMS as well, which has to be aligned in the next 5 years at the latest. Even though this sounds like a reasonable amount of time, this can still be a challenge. Not when you can dynamically adjust your systems accordingly. Here, too, the name Dynamics 365 is just right. The world is not static, it is a dynamic world we are living in. And that requires a dynamic organization as well. In our case, we can and prefer to switch to this new standard as soon as possible.
Dynamics 365 ISMS as a Universal Solution
We are happy to share our expertise and experiences with ISMS in Dynamics 365 with our customers. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is available in a 30-day free trial – import the Universal ISMS solution and you are ready for your next audit as well.

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