Black Friday dilemma

Enjoy Black Friday and care about environmental impact

Black Friday is almost here, the annual shopping frenzy with big bargains on various (IT) products. Millions of buyers shop for their wants and needs, but businesses also join this Black Friday mania. We at Universal join the Black Friday craze, by giving our customers the best prices, as this is the ideal opportunity to save money. But how does the no waste economy fit in, when we witness all the customer deliveries coming to the office?

Black Friday dilemma for those wo care about environment

Black Friday also poses a dilemma for those who care about the circular economy. It is based on the principles of reducing, reusing, and recycling, and it promotes a more sustainable and efficient use of resources. Black Friday, on the other hand, encourages the opposite principles of taking, making an disposing.

Don't spoil the joy of Black Friday - Do the shopping but also recycle

Don’t spoil the joy of Black Friday, find the best deals for your business but make sure you recycle the devices that are going to be replaced.

We are happy to assist you, by optimizing your IT assets, such as hardware, software, licenses, contracts, warranties, and more. And by offering a complete service for the disposal of your old devices, in a secure and sustainable way.

Universal WORK Cloud & SISO Sustainable IT Solutions for a circular economy and a no waste society.

Universal and SISO work together to provide a complete solution for asset management, including recycling. We take care of everything, from transportation and inspection to reporting and invoicing. Including a certified data wipe or destruction on all your data carriers to ensure that your data is erased or destroyed beyond recovery, and that you receive a certificate of proof for compliance and audit purposes.

We recycle your devices, where possible, to prevent e-waste and to contribute to the reuse of valuable materials and resources. By using this service, you can not only save money and generate revenue from your old devices, but also support a circular economy and a no waste society.

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