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A sustainable solution for your IT assets

An important part of Universal WORK Cloud Asset Management services is the Asset Recycling Services.
  • Do you have outdated IT equipment that you want to dispose of or replace?
  • Do you want to lover your IT costs?
  • Do you want to contribute to a circular economy and a waste-free society?

Universal WORK Cloud & SISO Sustainable IT solutions

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you need the asset recycling service that offers in cooperation with This service allows you to sell your old devices to, a leading IT partner for the business market, and use the proceeds to buy new or refurbished devices from, a cloud-based service that helps you to manage and optimize your IT assets.

How does it work?

The asset recycling service is simple and convenient. You just need to follow these steps:
  • Universal Cloud will arrange the pick-up.
  • will appraise the value of your devices based on their condition, age, and market demand.
  • will take care of  inspection, and data wiping or destruction of your devices.
  • You will receive a certificate of data erasure or destruction for compliance and audit purposes.
  • Receive a credit invoice from Universal for the value of your devices minus an administrative fee per device. 

What are the benefits?

The asset recycling service that offers in cooperation with has many benefits for you and the environment. By using this service, you can:
  • Save money and generate revenue from your old devices.
  • Reduce your environmental impact and support a circular economy. 
  • Enhance your IT performance and security. You can upgrade your devices and software to the latest versions, and enjoy the best online collaboration experience. 
  • Simplify and streamline your IT disposal and replacement process. You can save time and hassle by using one partner for both disposal and replacement of your devices. You can also benefit from the expertise and support that and offer.

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