Microsoft Copilot for Security: Revolutionizing Universal Security as a Service - launch on April 1

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, the potential synergy between Microsoft Copilot for Security and Universal Security as a Service emerges as a formidable force. Together, they will form an unbeatable duo, enhancing protection, streamlining processes, and fortifying defenses. Let’s explore how this powerful combination is revolutionizing security management.

AI in security to bolster the security posture of our valued customers

Copilot for Security is powered by generative AI, empowering our Universal security and IT professionals. With new capabilities, integrations, and insights derived from large-scale data and threat intelligence, Copilot enables teams to catch what others miss, move faster, and enhance their expertise. All of this contributes to bolstering the security posture of our valued customers.

Microsoft Security Copilot is a powerful tool that combines the capabilities of large language models with data from the Microsoft Graph to provide security insights and enhance efficiency. It is designed to work across the entire Microsoft Security Stack, offering a coordinated experience. 

Following the successful launch of Copilot for Microsoft 365, which significantly enhances productivity, we now introduce Copilot for Security. This powerful tool specifically aids us in more effectively managing our clients’ Azure and Microsoft 365 environments from a security perspective.

How this helps our customers

Copilot for Security enables our team to:

  • Respond more quickly to incidents or threats
  • Simplify the complexity of cybersecurity
  • Improve collaboration between our engineers and clients
  • Increase the knowlegde of our Security Engineers

The power of Copilot for Security: integration

The strength of Copilot for Security lies in its collaboration with other Microsoft products, enhancing its capabilities significantly. These products include:

  • Defender XDR
  • Sentinel
  • Intune
  • Entra
  • Purview
  • Defender for Cloud

Information from these products is combined on a large scale. As a result, Copilot is not limited to the GPT-4 base language model. It also has its own security-focused model, which provides it with specialized knowledge in the cybersecurity domain. It has been trained on a vast amount of data, including that from Azure, MS 365, Xbox, and LinkedIn.

Naturally, Copilot adheres to the same security model as other products, ensuring that data never leaves the MS 365 or Azure environment. Universal engineers are required to authenticate specifically for your environment to work with information there. This is consistent with our current practices for other security tasks.

Empower your Secure Future

We warmly invite all our valued customers to explore the robust capabilities of Universal Security as a Service and Copilot for Security. These cutting-edge solutions are designed to enhance your cybersecurity posture, streamline your security operations, and empower your teams with advanced AI-driven tools. Discover how you can elevate your security strategy and safeguard your digital assets more effectively. Chat with us by using the webchat button on this website and take the first step towards a more secure future. 

Chat with us by using the webchat button on this website and take the first step towards a more secure future.

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