WordPress super fast & secure? Here’s how to!

Secure and fast WordPress site

Ultimate security and a super fast website can be easily achieved

It seems like a contradiction to talk about a secure WordPress site. With all the security incidents in recent years with plugins, it can be quite a challenge to keep your site free of ransomware. Nevertheless, at Universal we have found a way to make optimal use of the user-friendliness of WordPress, but in a way that reduces the risk of hacking by 99.6%.

User friendly WordPress requires additional security measures

Started as a tool to create blogs in a simple way, WordPress has grown into a Content Management System for websites in 2022. The market share is enormous, and therefore an interesting target for hackers. This does not only apply to WordPress, other CMS systems also have to deal with this. The consequences of a hacked website can be large. A website that is down harms you business, but also the risk of unwanted content that can be published, illegal material that can be distributed through your website. or even your visitors that can be hit by malware.

If we look at the essence of a CMS, it is the creation of content. Plugins as Elementor help a webmaster to quickly create and maintain a website in a simple way based on templates. WordPress has succeeded when it comes to content creation.

But when it comes to content delivery, it’s a completely different story. it is essential to create a highly responsive and fast website for your visitors. Preferably without any waiting times, regardless the location of the visitor. The European experience should equal the US experience or the Asia experience. Why would you use a (often single running) server, which could be vulnerable because of the combination of Php and mySQL.. This can be done  much smarter by making a distinction between content creation and content delivery.

Split content creation and delivery by using a Content Delivery Network

By deploying a Content Delivery Network (CDN), we get a lot of benefits. With CDN as a global network and local presence, a visitor always accesses your website from his/her nearest location. There is no more server load, always the fastest connection and hardly any chance of hacking. It is up to the provider of the CDN to ensure continuity. This is usually regulated in an SLA.

How does it work?

When changes to your website are ready to be published, WordPress has done its job. It has become an internal server that can only be accessed by the administrators of the website. This provides a huge reduction in the risk to attract potential unwanted visitors. After all, the WordPress environment can only be accessed from a trusted location. An automated process then ensures that the content is copied from WordPress to the CDN, easy does it. Just push the button and your updated content is live. 

Our services to create your fast and secure site

We achieve this by automatically converting the WordPress site to a static website with 3 basic techniques HTML, JavaScript and CCS. The site remains accessible on your company domain by having your site’s DNS point to the new location on the CDN. An SSL certificate is installed so visitors can communicate securely and know that the content originates from your organization.

Usually we are able to realize this process with minimal adjustments to the website. In a pilot we can quickly determine what is needed to create your secure and fast website on the Content Delivery Network.

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