Refocusing Universal.Cloud

Website Rebrand: Refocusing Universal.Cloud
Websites are important for any business. And when you’re in the business of helping organisations migrate from on-premise to cloud-based services, having a strong online presence is an absolute. But why?

A Look Inside The Cloud

Across the many business sectors that we work with, there’s a physical aspect to what they do. For example, they might run a store, office, or a factory. Customers can see and visit them. But when you’re offering cloud-based solutions there’s not necessarily a lot for customers to see. So a website is a window into an otherwise hidden world. For many companies, making that leap to the cloud can be a daunting transition. That’s why we offer incremental moves, rather than a ‘big bang’ approach to migration. Moving services to the cloud is also quite an abstract idea. It means changing from something tangible to… well, something that’s not. When you’re entrusting your software and services to the cloud, you need to be sure that they’re safe. Having a website allows customers to put a face to our business. It tells them who we are. It gives our business a face they can trust.

Why Change?

Most customers visit a company website before purchasing a product or service because a website adds credibility to an organisation. Whether your business is on- or offline, without a website customers are going to question your legitimacy. It’s one way that customers know you’re the real deal. It’s a chance to showcase who you are and what your business is about. It’s also a great platform to set yourself apart from your competitors. The global pandemic has been a catalyst for change. Businesses are looking to become more agile – and so are we. Companies want control of their software and services and are looking to cloud-based digital solutions in ways that are best for their business – and so do we.

What’s New?

For us it was important that Universal.Cloud reflected who we are and what we do as a company. We wanted our website to have increased clarity and transparency. That’s why our website visitors are now greeted with a visual representation of how we work alongside a model of the Universal three step approach. It was also really important for us to communicate that the cloud isn’t just this abstract thing – real people are working to ensure migration is the most efficient, cost effective, and simplest that it can be. So now you can Meet The Team and see who we are. You’ll also see photographs of us on the site, rather than stock photos. It was also important that we made our powerful and complex solutions clearer to visitors, so that they know which sectors we work with and how our services can provide them with scalability, security and efficiency. You can now find that out through our simplified Segments page. So all in all that’s why Universal.Cloud has changed – because we have. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new site. Get in touch with us today.

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