Viva Topics: Find Organisational Knowledge Faster

Viva Topics; find organisational information faster

Microsoft announced their new (and first) Employee Experience Platform called Viva not too long ago. Its functionalities are specifically designed to increase and improve employee engagement, wellbeing, learning – and help companies with knowledge discovery.

This article will dive into the first of Microsoft Viva’s pillars: Topics.

Topics Make Navigation Easy

Organisations keep files everywhere. On the desktop, in folders, on servers, in the cloud – not to mention SharePoint and Teams. And when you desperately need an important document, it’s often a hassle to find.

People are used to a typical folder hierarchy and structure to store their files. But as service and application offerings expand, as is the case with Microsoft 365, companies find it increasingly difficult to locate what they’re looking for.

Viva Topics is a new solution from Microsoft that makes your days a whole lot easier and productive by helping you find information faster.

Let’s find out how it works.

Instant Knowledge Access

Viva Topics gives you and everyone in your organisation instant access to company knowledge. That doesn’t mean every single file – the access is purely within each user’s access rights, meaning everyone sees what their role allows them to see.

With the help of powerful AI technology, Topics detects what you’re searching for and presents it from within the entire suite of Microsoft services. That means you can find the information you’re looking for from within Word, Excel, and most importantly, Teams.

Let’s say you’re discussing a business challenge with a colleague and need to find the topic expert. Well, Viva might have just become your best friend. Topics is always ready to present files, information, and people directly related to the topic you discussed.

Thanks to Microsoft’s AI technology, you don’t have to think twice about where you saved your files. Viva Topics scans your entire range of applications and infrastructure, giving you accurate results and presenting you with all file locations. So it doesn’t matter whether you save a document in the cloud, company server or on your desktop.

With Viva Topics, you can save files anywhere and still find them in a breeze.

Navigable Landscape

Viva Topics is a nice help in an information-scattered world. But setting up Viva Topics can take a bit of work. You must provide the licenses and help your users set them up in the best way possible. Structuring and putting all topics in place can take a few weeks up to a few months.

But after identifying your content managers, setting up your organisational topics and assigning the right specialists, you can enjoy a data easily navigable landscape that works and grows with you.

Imagine always finding what you’re looking for. Thanks to machine learning and AI, Topics continuously adapt to your unique way of working to increase your organisation’s productivity and efficiency.

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