Viva Connections: Centralised And Personal Intranet

Viva Connections: Centralised And Personal Intranet

Continuing our series of unveiling the different functions within Microsoft’s new Employee Experience Platform called Viva, it’s time to shine a light into Connections.

If you’ve read our previous articles, you’ve learned the advantages of both Viva Topics and Viva Insights and how they can help your organisation thrive.

Viva Connections is a bit different – but tremendously important, with remote working being the new big thing.

Let’s dive into how Viva Connections can help your business.

Connection For A Perfect Start

With your coffee in hand, ready to start an exciting new work week, you recline in your home office chair. But where do you start? Perhaps you check the news, weather, and sports. Or, maybe you catch up with missed Teams notifications or emails while finishing your cup.

Viva Connections merges all these worlds – allowing you to access traditional intranet pages in your Teams’ client.

Since the pandemic and remote working became the norm, many companies started creating general Teams groups – broadcasting company information to everyone who is a member, often the entire company.

You have probably experienced it… endless notifications, mentions, and messages. It’s someone’s birthday. You’re having a kick-off; there’s a cake for lucky ones in the office…

And then people start replying, making the important messages even more difficult to see.

Centralised & Personal

Viva Connections puts an end to the relentless notifications by gathering all company and personally interesting information and resources, making it accessible from one place. It’s a well-needed, customisable, and internal intranet for the modern worker.

Rather than sifting through messages, conversations, going to your intranet and checking websites, Viva Connections centralises all information and personalises it for you.

From a manager’s perspective, it ensures you update your employees with the most important company news and helpful resources while also giving them a great starting point for their day.

For employees, Viva Connections acts as a centralised hub they can go to for their most important information. Like the complete range of Microsoft Viva, it’s also driven by AI and learns as it goes – providing a more personalised experience.

Streamlining Days

Given where the world is now in remote work, having applications and services that streamline workers days is vital for productivity and well-being.

We use our phones and computers all the time. And by working from home, our professional and personal worlds have started to blend.

In the future, we might see better organisation between personal and professional apps, so that you get the notifications and information that matter at the right time.

But for now, Viva Connections is a great start.

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