uWebChat Microsoft preferred solution

Microsoft has labelled uWebChat a Microsoft AppSource preferred solution!

“Preferred solutions are selected by a team of Microsoft experts and are published by Microsoft partners with deep, proven expertise and capabilities to address specific customer needs in a category, industry, or industry vertical”. 

Proven technology 

uWebChat stands out in the crowd of chat bots. Through intelligence, technology and usability. uWebChat is 100% Microsoft Cloud technology and using the rich and intelligent features that Microsoft brings. Scalable, reliable and available worldwide from an Azure infrastructure, thus scalable and subject to Microsoft trusted technologies.

It goes without saying; an intelligent chat bot needs AI technology, uWebChat uses Azure Cognitive Services for realtime translation in 68 languages.

Power Automate 

Intelligence means smart processes are embedded to work efficiently and effectively. uWebChat offers options for  automated services like FAQ/Q&A, flow forms and rich cards, uWebChat is your all in one intelligent communicator.

Teams Presence

Presence based hunting guarantees that only available agents are being hunted when a visitor starts a chat, making sure that servicelevels are guaranteed. No more visitors waiting for a chat that is never going to be answered. uWebChat keeps hunting agents until the first one becomes available and if none is available it won’t even offer the visitor the option to start a chat, they can leave a message instead. And again, when the first agents becomes available, that agent will receive the message and can respond. 

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