Up and running again in no time with Disaster Recovery Services

Up and running again in no time with Disaster Recovery Services

You’d rather not think about it, but what if your company has to deal with failure of ICT systems, what will this do to the continuity of your business? How quickly will you be up and running again, even if you have to fall back on backup data? Of course you ensure that your data is safe, but is it okay if it takes a day (or maybe longer) before you are back on the air? And is that even possible, or will it jeopardize production, service agreements with your customers or your image?

If the answer is no then you can consider a backup and disaster recovery scenario. Basically your “insurance” against failure of your systems. Every company insures itself against all sorts of things, but when it comes to ICT systems it is sometimes just the confidence that there is a backup, right?

It really does sleep a lot better if you use a Disaster Recovery Service.

What is Disaster Recovery?

Backup and disaster recovery is a set of recovery initiatives designed to ensure that critical business functions continue to function despite serious incidents, or are restored to an operational state within a specified period of time. In short; with Disaster Recovery (DR) you are back in business in no time.

No expensive infrastructure required

In the past, backup and disaster recovery  meant purchasing  and maintaining complex hardware and software that mirrored mission-critical systems. Nowadays, with Cloud technology, a faster, better and cheaper alternative is available that keeps up with the speed of your business. With the flexibility of Cloud, you can enable backup and recovery in seconds or minutes.

Protect against Cryptoware  

With a standard backup solutions, restoring Terrabytes of data in case of an incident is usually an impossible mission, especially when you want to be up and running immediately.

By using replication technology with a short delay, a live copy (replica) is made of all systems and configurations. Enabling you to activate the replica in a matter of minutes. Replication takes place in either Azure or the private Universal (NL) Cloud. 

Managed & Certified Services

The Universal approach includes a business continuity plan for calamities of all critical IT systems, without the cost of a secondary infrastructure. The Universal implementation  can be seen as an insurance in case of emergencies and provides an all in solution. 

– Secure communication through VPN tunnels
– Secure storage of your data
– Fast connections to Azure with Express Route
– Recovery testing
– Support and assistance on VMWare, Hyper-v or physical hardware
– Critical applications-Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, SAP, etc

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