LATEST NEWS Hackathon: a symphony of innovation

A Symphony of Innovation: The Hackathon

Innovation is not a one-time event; it’s a continuous journey. At, we embody this philosophy through our bi-weekly hackathon series. Every two weeks, our team comes together for a short, agile hackathon focused on enhancing our SECURE cloud, CONNECT cloud, and WORK cloud services.

This Hackathon event is all about CONNECT cloud service uCallManager

Our latest session was a testament to the power of collaboration and rapid innovation. We set our sights on uCallmanager, a Universal CONNECT cloud service for Microsoft Teams, with the aim to revolutionize our Universal callflow. The task was ambitious: to create a single entry point – 0262020020 – that would seamlessly integrate calling, chat, and WhatsApp.

In just one hour, we didn’t just meet our goal; we exceeded it. Our team’s diverse talents shone through, particularly when our colleague Arhan, a former music student and still hobby musician, composed the original wait music for our telephony system. This personal touch not only enhanced the user experience but also showcased the unique skills within our team.
Through these hackathons, we’re not only improving our services but also fostering a culture of continuous learning and creativity. Our commitment to innovation is unwavering, and we’re excited to share these developments with our community. Join us on this journey as we elevate to new heights of connectivity and efficiency.
Call us and experience our new symphony of innovation

We invite all our customers to experience the innovation firsthand by calling, using the live chat button on this webpage, or connecting with us through our single entry point – +31262020020. Your feedback fuels our continuous drive for excellence. 

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