Tips for optimizing your company’s ICT

You need to work as efficiently as possible. You want to be available anytime and from any location and work with the applications that you need to perform your activities. And you want to be connected with your colleagues and customer. Cloud Services can bring you the tools that you need.


Most organizations  already use cloud services like Microsoft 365, allowing them to share and work together on documents. Enabling them to communicate and collaborate by the use of chat, meetings and voice. Not every organization however is aware that you can also connect your on premises applications, even when they are not yet webbased. Or even when the expertise in lacking to migrate those systems. A hybrid Cloud service provides availability and continuity for those scenario’s.

Custom Cloud Services

Customization is the key in hybrid Cloud Services. Flexibility and transparancy are the main goals in working together with our customers. Providing dashboards and portals to give insights and share information. How do we manage that? We, the Universal team, help you stay “in control” of your systems and services. Because we work with you, side by side and take over when necessary. Like an extension of your ICT department, sharing our broad expertise and helping you optimize ICT services and servicelevels. We don’t take over, we add value.


Primairy goals is to keep it safe. By the use of advanced technologies to measure, report and analyse. By using identity management software and network detection. And by providing backup services to safeguard your company data. We are proud of our 100% trackrecord when it comes to data loss prevention and our goal is to maintain this high standard. Universal Hybrid Cloud Services are offered from public clouds like Azure and the privately owned 100% NL Cloud hosted in 2 Dutch datacenters. This enables us to offer you the flexibility and security that is needed to offer the custom cloud to match your organizations needs. Do you want to hear about our track record and share your thoughts and challenges? Contact us.

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