Microsoft Teams temporary limitations (Presence information & Provisioning)



If you are using Microsoft cloud services such as Teams or Skype for Business Online, you may experience issues due to a high load on Microsoft’s platform (caused by the increased amount of users and services due to the current situation where so many people are working from home).
Microsoft has announced some (temporary) limitations to their services to be able to handle the increased demand.

Universal IT is aware of the following issues due to these limitations:

1. Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business Online presence information is updated less frequently. Presence is the status your users have in their Skype/Teams client (displaying busy/free/away information). If you are using contact management features for Teams (Auto Attendant, uCallManager, uWebChat) you may experience that a change in presence information will not be displayed immediately, resulting in incorrent presence information for seconds after a presence status change has taken place. If this inaccuracy is causing issues you may consider to (temporary) configure your agents to be always available. This will ignore the presence status of the agents and call them – during servicetimes – regardless their status.
2. Provisioning of users within MS Teams is taking longer than usual and may take up to 72 hours.
Additional Comments
If you need our assistance in configuring this “always on” scenario; please reach out to our one of our support agents, they will be happy to assist you.
Please note that Universal Hosted Skype for Business is not effected, presence information for Hosted Skype for Business is accurate.

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