How to access Windows 365 Business – Cloud PC

It’s Time to Virtualise Your Desk. Here’s Why.


Windows 365 Business is your Windows desktop in the Microsoft Cloud. All you need is a web browser and there is your secured, scalable desktop and access to all your business applications. Easy, scalable, secure!

What you need: a Windows 365 Business License in Microsoft 365, and of course a web browser.
How to access: navigate to and sign in with your company account. Now your desktop is available through a web browser.

For frequent use we recommend the use of the Remote Desktop application. You can find this application – when logged in to your Cloud PC in your web browser – by navigating to the “fast” section and select the red icon displaying “Remote Desktop”. Download and install. This installs the application on your PC/MAC. You can find the application by navigating to the windows menu and search for “Remote Desktop”. Click “subscribe” and sign in with your company credentials. Click the computer icon and your Cloud PC will start.

Windows 365 Business is also available in a hybrid license, users with a Windows Pro or Enterprise license on their PC can use a discounted license.

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