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Direct Routing & Advanced calling options for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is already heavily used in many organizations for chat, peer to peer calling and conferencing. The next step is to integrate telephony into Microsoft Teams by adding Phone System features to Office 365. Microsoft provides rich auto attendant and queues and fixed price calling plans for domestic & international calling. With uCallManager you do not have to port your numbers to Microsoft and/or buy a Calling Plan. Optionally; uCallManager offers advanced features like uWallBoard (display queue status), caller ID features (set custom caller ID), Reporting, CallRecording and uContactManager for displaying contact information from your CRM/ERP/Helpdesk application.

Contact center options for Microsoft Teams Calling

Call routing based on availability information (presence), multiple  huntingmethods, prioritization in agents, interactive voice response menu’s , custom audio for music on hold, custom callerID’s. 

Reports, Insights & Wallboard

uCallManager provides a comprehensive (power BI) report that gives you real-time insight into service levels, call volume and call service levels, even from your mobile device.

And a web-based user-friendly wallboard for realtime insights on the status of your queues. Displaying calls in queue, agents in call and available agents in a queue. This web based wallboard for MS Teams is available on any device. allowing you to view your queues from any location on any device.

Advanced call hunting methods, including MS Shifts integration

uCallManager provides various methods for the hunting of agents. Round Robin, serial, routing attendant, and routing based on priorities are methods that can be applied. uCallManager offers unlimited routing options with custom dialplan code. Setting the appropiate hunting method not only ensures the best level of service but also ensures that calls are distributed to the best suitable agent. You can even use Microsoft Shifts to route your calls to the people “on shift”. Flexibel, efficient. 

uCallManager advanced hunting
uCallManager management portal

CallRecording for Microsoft Teams

With uCallManager, conversations can be recorded and viewed in the uCallManager portal. Conversations are logically organized and can be used for training or compliancy purposes. 

Ultimate integration options with your business apps: uContactManager

The ultimate communication solutions is not a stand-alone solutions but one that fully integrates with your business applications; a rich card in Teams pops up on an incoming call, displaying all the contextual information from your CRM, ERP or support application. Efficient and most of all; customer friendly. Directly link to the contact card to register the call of view additional relevant information. 



Services include onboarding and support

Our goal is to make the transition as smooth as possible, without downtime in your communications. And to have the best possible integration with the applications that our most relevant in your organization. We believe communication is more than a telephony system, it is the integrated way of communication in an efficient, service oriented way. 

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