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IT infrastructure

These are crazy times. Employees are required to work from home, even if the organization is not entirely organized to do so. We notice that in actual practice: we get a lot of questions about it. This is the result of the different ways organizations have set up their IT.

One of the reasons is that companies entered into contracts with external consultants or providers. There are long-term contracts attached to the applications, or the consultant has left and taken all the know-how with him/her.

In addition, there are hybrid organization that have partially switched to the Cloud. Or they do not use any cloud services at all. Others have switched to Cloud, but they have no clue what it entails in terms of safety. All companies face the same challenge: how do I guarantee safety?


Cybercrime is a risk for all organizations. Data loss is occurring frequently. The causes are substantial. Malware and phishing mails for instance, can cause major damage to your company. Company details can be out there on the streets and the corporate image can be damaged. Hackers can steal data, attack applications and take your business offline.

However, not all threats come from the outside. Oftentimes we see that employees unintentionally are the biggest threat. For example, because they do not safeguard their passwords and accounts sufficiently. Or, in the current situation of working from home, employees contact the company network from unsecured PCs and networks. The danger that lies within the use of external data carriers such as USB sticks is known by most, but inadvertence can have disastrous consequences.

Secure Cloud Services

That is exactly why now of all times it is important to pay attention to the options Cloud Services have to offer. Your employees can work and communicate safely and effectively, and irrespective of their location.

Microsoft 365 contains built-in security solutions. You can respond faster if a security risk occurs. We can advise you and take a close look at your IT. We can transfer the entire organization to the Cloud, in a safe way.

This is a time of adjustment. Embracing the options of working remotely. The time of taking a new look at the infrastructure of the IT within your organization. And the time to optimize the availability. Universal IT assists you and offers custom-made solutions: from A – Z. Would you like this too? Please contact us.

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