New circumstances demand new ICT

​The speed at which remote working has been implemented over the past two months is forcing organizations to think about making the most of new communication systems and perhaps speeding up the replacement of outdated software and hardware.

Optimal use of communication systems

Decisions regarding projects that would start in the coming weeks or months have probably been accelerated, postponed, or re-debated in many organizations. Is the existing telephony solution suitable for working remotely? At Universal, we see a decrease in fixed phone call costs because employees will now fall back on their cellphones. The questions that arise are how does this effect costs and availability. And what about the logging of communications. Are we compliant and do we still meet the regulations set within the organization?

Reduce costs and increase service levels

New communication systems introduce a more intelligent way of working, but also contribute to reducing costs. With an increase in the number of employees working online, new questions arise as what does reachability mean and what is the service level that we want to achieve? Is it clear to colleagues and customers (via the website for example) whether someone is available for a call or a chat? In a changing world with fast direct communication via chat, the question is whether traditional functionalities like voicemail are still relevant? 9-5 working hours (if this still exists) will also have to be redesigned for a situation where colleagues work from other places than the company office. Rethink availability and accessibility of employees. With greater responsibility for employees who make their own choices and sometimes decide upon their preferable working hours themselves. Microsoft Teams is that intelligent communication system. It includes multiple communication channels (chat/call/video), provides automated and smart routing of communication based on availability and provides access to all your information from one single application.

Data as a powerful management tool

In a situation with many remote workers, management need to rely more on data as a source for guidance. For example, powerful dashboards in Microsoft PowerBI can provide insight into the performance of the organization as well as employee productivity within projects. A daily stand-up or weekly video meeting is of course a method to discuss and monitor progress and to stimulate the team spirit. Meetings that are supported by live data however will give a much better insight and thus a greater value.

Universal helps your organization to use smart systems to ensure that your communication flows are safely implemented. In a next blog you can read more about telephony, security, the use of Chatbots, Dashboards and the proper equipment for online meetings. Want to know more about these intelligent communication options already? Please contact us.

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