Is Your Business Keeping Pace With The Chatbot Boom?

Artificial Intelligence, flying cars, the Jetsons – we’ve heard it all before, but could Johnny Five really be alive this time? Well, our chatbot most certainly is. Okay, so our bot can’t play cards or solve crimes, but it’s pretty efficient when it comes to customer care.

We’re seeing a real demand in bot technology since the pandemic hit earlier this year, and you can see why considering that online merchants have raked in an extra $107 billion in 2020 in the US alone during that time.

That’s why we felt it was only right to give you our main reasons why your business needs to implement a bot into its communication strategy.

Being ‘Always-On’

Online interactions have never been so important. We live in an ‘always-on’ society; where a multitude of digital services can do everything from calling a cab to bringing us food. That’s why chatbots are a great way to simplify the way humans and computers communicate. It’s all about making it more human and really adding value.

For example, in banking, chatbots and virtual assistants have become the norm when filtering the customer’s needs and sending them in the right direction.

In fact, according to a Facebook survey, more than 50% of customers say they’re more likely to shop with a business that they can connect with via chat. And according to an Oracle survey, 80% of companies said they currently use or plan to use chatbots by 2020.

The fact is that having chatbots on your frontline can really ease the capacity of your agents, answer initial questions, and filter down all enquiries.

Chatbots Are The New Frontline Worker

Chatbot technology has been around for some time now. Still, thanks to recent advances in artificial intelligence and natural language processing, these once frustrating pop-ups – that could do little more than repeat back credit card numbers – have transformed into incredibly useful and prolific communication tools.

Bots are becoming frontline brand ambassadors. It’s now possible to make your bot’s tone unique to your brand, adding information, guidance, and personality. While there’s nothing like talking to an actual person, bots can still provide a fun, engaging, and useful user experience.

At uWebChat we don’t like to keep customers waiting for an available agent. We’d rather provide alternative options like customer call back or links to their questions.

Chatbots Can Keep Your Audience Engaged

60% of Generation Z and Millennials are using private social messaging for customer service – so it’s a no brainer to introduce chatbots to your website for these audiences alone, when it comes to retention and engagement.

Suppose your landing page generates a fair amount of organic traffic, but doesn’t convert well. In that case, your chatbot can reach out to customers visiting the page with a survey to collect more information on why they are leaving the page without purchasing.

It’s A Small World

Having the ability to talk to people worldwide, from all walks of life is a common practice these days. uWebChat makes these global conversations even easier with the introduction of Azure Cognitive Services for real-time translation in their chatbots. Now, agents and callers can now call in their native language, and the chatbot will auto-translate the conversation through on-screen text.

With so many intelligent developments taking place, it’s clear that chatbots are only going to get smarter. But let’s not forget that they’re only as clever as we make them. At least for now.

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