How do I keep my iPhones up to date?

How do I keep my iPhones up to date?

In the previous version of the iPhone software iOS 14, users were presented more than 10 updates in a single year. Many of these updates were security-related. How many updates will we receive in the next coming months for the new iOS 15, since the 2nd update is already a fact? How do you make sure that the entire organization remains up-to-date and is that even necessary at all times?

Up to date systems are crucial

The answer to this question is an absolute YES. Especially with the zero-tick vulnerabilities. With this type of attack a user’s device can be infected with malicious software that can steal passwords or data from the device, the user is ignorant and not aware of this breach; that is the tricky part.

How can I keep my devices up to date?

This all starts with an up-to-date overview of all the devices that connect to your company data. With this overview, it can be checked per device whether it is equipped with the latest software. If it’s not; a policy can be automatically assigned that enforces the device to update or eventually exclude this device from accessing company data and applications

A thorough approach

Enrolling all devices with the right management software can be quite a challenge. From our point of view we think you should start explaining your team as to why information security is so important for your organization. Then, it is important to have clear instructions in place to make this enrollment as easy as possible for the users and to provide instant (remote or on site) assistance when necessary.

A thorough approach not only automatically keeps your mobile devices up to date, but also contributes to matters like application management, the deployment of Wi-Fi profiles, and the distribution of mobile apps. Business apps are marked as such, and private remains private. This way, a good balance can be created between work and private life by ensuring that data stays where it belongs.

Willing to implement but wondering how to get this all done? We are here to help!
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