How can you optimize your ICT? Perform a check

Companies often have multiple applications. From traditional on premises systems to modern applications that are fully cloud-based. What is the best solution nowadays? And how do we deal with legacy: migrate or not?


Almost every organization deals with any kind of legacy. A software version that is obsolete or depreciated hardware. But it works and still adds value to the business process. Sometimes the business cannot deal without it. Because there are long-term contracts attached to it or because the knowledge has left together with the leaving system engineer. That is when legacy is becoming a company risk, that is when it is time to act. You do not have to take this situation for granted, there is always a solution.


We are dealing with these situations all the time. Sometimes our customers believe their systems are technically not ready to move to the cloud. Also, some customers believe a cloud-based solution will not fit their needs and requirements. Because they believe that a cloud-based solution is less secure since it is connected to the internet.

That is why we work with our customers to provide the service that exactly meets their demands, improving systems without sacrificing security. In fact, our goal is to even improve security.


We believe that every organization should constantly evaluate and improve. What are you depending on? Which applications need to be accessible from multiple locations?  How can you better integrate, improve productivity and security, or maybe even save costs?

We can help you with these questions. We analyze, advice and work with you to reach your ICT goals.  Every customer deserves customized solutions. In our on-premises datacenters we can virtualize and host almost every application or safely connect with your on-premises infrastructure. Standalone or in a hybrid situation. There is always a way. That is what we call the Touch of Power in Cloud Services.

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