Enjoy the holidays – uWebChat has got you covered

Enjoy the holidays and boost your business with this AI Chatbot’s help

How can you enjoy the holiday season and relax without compromising your professional reputation and customer satisfaction? The answer is in the intelligent AI drriven options for live chat in uWebChat

Presence based options in AI Chatbot

A chat bot that relies on agent presence is what you need. It lets you respond to live chat messages only when you are on duty. You don’t want to be interrupted during your family Christmas dinner. That’s why this feature benefits you.

Service windows - live chat and automated response options

Many live chat bots miss out on this easy and important feature: the ability to set your opening times. And don’t worry, an intelligent chatbot offers options outside your service times to service your customers 24/7.

Customers can leave a message that the first available agent can handle

Your chatbot can switch modes or messages based on your agents’ status with uWebChat. For instance, you can show a “leave a message” option when your agents are offline, and gather your customers’ or clients’ information and questions. The first agent who is online will get the message and can follow up right away.

Virtual Agents can make the biggest impact

Provide fast, 24/7 customer service: AI chatbots can handle common questions and issues from your customers or clients, provide instant and accurate answers, without making your customers wait or feel frustrated. They can also work around the clock, even when you are offline or busy with other things. This way, you can ensure that your customers are always satisfied and loyal to your brand.

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