Encouraging Secure Practices: Our Single Sign-On Password Manager Hackathon

Universal Hackathon: a Catalyst for Innovation and Customer Succes

At Universal Cloud, we believe in the power of collaboration to drive innovation. That’s why every two weeks, our entire team gathers for a universal hackathon—a vibrant session dedicated to optimizing solutions, innovating services, and sharing knowledge that directly benefits our customers.
Each session is an opportunity to refine our cloud solutions and security services. We dissect complex problems, brainstorm creative solutions, and implement cutting-edge technologies. Our goal is simple: to ensure that our customers have access to the most secure and efficient cloud services available

This weeks Hackathon: all about Single Sign On Password Management

As a cloud solution provider, we understand the importance of managing passwords securely. That’s why the subject of our biweekly Universal Hackathon focused on the Single Sign-On (SSO) password manager. In this session, our team collaborated to set up the service, grant permissions, and share knowledge. Let’s dive into the details of our hackathon and explore why password management matters.

Passwords are the gatekeepers to our digital lives

Passwords are the gatekeepers to our digital lives. Yet, many people still rely on weak, easily guessable passwords or reuse the same password across multiple accounts. This practice poses significant risks such as Security Breaches, Credential Stuffing and Human Error.

Passkeys - the next gen security with passwordless authentication

Passkeys are passwordless options, enabling streamlined, secure sign-in experiences with biometrics, passkeys and SSO integration. 

Single Sign On integrated Password Management

While we have always prioritized security by utilizing robust password managers, we have chosen for a transition to  to Bitwarden’s Single Sign-On solution. Because it has marked a significant upgrade in user-friendliness and efficiency. This innovative tool not only fortifies our defenses but also streamlines the login process, making secure access simpler and more intuitive than ever before. 

With the adoption of Bitwarden Single Sign-On (SSO), we’ve streamlined our password management process. Here’s how it has transformed our experience:
Centralized Shared Access & Efficiently Share Encrypted Data
Our goal was to provide a secure ways to share access without revealing actual passwords, which is crucial for teamwork. Browsers lack sophisticated sharing mechanisms, which can lead to insecure sharing practices. Also as a Cloud Solution Provider we manage services for our customers, now we can transmit sensitive information, such as passwords or business documents, directly with our clients, ensuring security.
Secure alternative for unsecure browser-based password storage

Saving passwords directly in a browser like Microsoft Edge can be convenient, but from a security perspective, it’s not the best practice, especially for a cloud solution provider like us. This is precisely the reason our security officer prohibits the use of browser-based password storage. 

Bitwarden employs robust encryption methods to protect sensitive information. Browsers, while they do encrypt passwords, do not offer the same level of security, potentially exposing passwords to risk if the device is compromised.
Bitwarden enforces consistent security policies across the board. We can set our Universal Cloud Secure standard per group and make sure our team maintains a uniform approach.
Audit Trails and Compliancy with ISO27001

As a ISO27001 firm it is crucial to be able to audit Secure Log-on Procedures and to align with ISO27001 requirements. Our security officer advocates for the use of Bitwarden to ensure the highest level of security and efficiency for our team and customers. 

Secure password management services available for our customers

Eating your own dog food definitely applies to our organization. Using our products and services for internal operations enables us to ensure that products and services meet high-quality standards. Also it demonstrates our confidence in the capabilities, we stand behind our offerings and rely on them just as we ask our customers to do. 

Lastly, it provides us with the necessary insights into user experience, which we use to enhance our support level.

Universal Managed Password Services

Universal Managed Password Services included all that is needed to start your secure Password journey:

  • Bitwarden Licenses
  • Implementation
  • Support
  • Intune automatic provisiong
  • Training

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