Do More with Less

Do More with Less

“Do More with Less” is the new Microsoft campaign slogan and we cannot agree more!

From our point of view and meetings with our customers this slogan suits every organization. We see the opportunity to do more with less all the time when we meet with (new) customers. Because of time consuming procedures, heavy legacy infrastructures, multiple (sometimes duplicate) systems and lack of automation. Our goal at Universal is to do most with less. To be competitive, innovative and productive, without compromising customer satisfaction. 

Do More with Less - datacenters

We are in the so called “energy consuming industry”. Our moral obligation to earth is to use no more energy than absolutely needed. That is why our Universal Cloud is equipped only with state of the art, energy saving hardware and intelligent software to optimize usage. Even though our hardware was not end of life – it was better to get rid of any energy consuming machine. Thus, we scaled down the number of square meters in our datacenters without scaling down in computer capacity. Now we run a highly efficient Universal Cloud for always on services – hybrid connected to Azure Cloud services to instantly add services and or computing power – when needed. That is doing more with less.

Do More with Less - people

Every organization struggles with the same issue; how to recruit and retain your team now that the shortage in staff seems to be at its peak. Therefore, it is essential to have your team perform the tasks that require human skills only and prevent from letting them perform the simple repetitive – often not very interesting tasks. Use artificial intelligence and power automation to help differentiate the easy tasks from the intelligent (human) ones. There are numerous examples of how AI and automated processes can assist your organization. Our communication software is a result of this vision and is based on the essence of customer interaction; real human contact when needed and highly responsive automated and efficient interaction by using intelligent tools. For example, uWebChat uses cognitive services for real-time translation (so you no longer need to recruit native agents) and uCallManager is based on skill – and presence-based agent hunting and integrates with your business apps; displaying all the required information from the caller for your team to directly and efficiently handle the call. This way you can do more with less people.

Do More with Less - apps

Recognize a situation where information is stored in multiple applications. Where there is lack of integration. Where multiple suppliers are in place to manage and support your ICT? Learn about the Dataverse options, where you centralize and secure your data and make sure your business applications connect to this Dataverse. 

Create your hyperconnected cloud and get rid of this “spaghetti” of applications and you’ll notice you can definitely do more with less! An integrated connected cloud means improving efficiency, service levels, results and profitability, quaranteed!

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