Artificial intelligence and customer service: a good combination?

How can you maintain the highest level of knowledge amongst your employees and the lowest possible response times at your service desk? The current intelligent communication options, as also described by us in a previous blog, offer those rich options.

From telephony to instant messaging

The speed at which telephony has changed to chat as a preferred contact channel is impressive. The younger generation hardly ever calls anymore but prefers to DM and app instead. This is also trending in professional services. Almost every web shop already has a live chat option available on their website. Also, many customer service desks and support desks offer instant messaging as a communication channel for their customers.

This, however, requires a much different skill set. How to quickly understand the customer’s demand without getting lost in endless chat conversations? How to measure customer satisfaction without hearing the tone of voice? How to be brief, concise and write flawlessly? And perhaps for many the biggest challenge; do you need to transform your perfectly skilled service desk agents to chat agents?

Artificial Intelligence enriches

The answers can be found in a partially automated service desk. That might sound impersonal and perhaps somewhat customer unfriendly. However, the opposite is true. Artificial Intelligence (AI), if well deployed, offers a very valuable addition to a personal service desk. Not a replacement but an enrichment. For example, an intelligent chat bot can answer frequent customer questions without the intervention of an agent. For instance a chat bot informing your customer about the status of their order, providing a manual or instruction for the product they have purchased. Or even providing an invoice copy based on the unique customer ID. Your systems contain a wealth of information that you can automatically unlock to increase knowledge and to achieve customer satisfaction in an efficient way. With AI technology, your chat bot is constantly learning from your customers’ questions, getting more resourceful and effective with every interaction.

Adequate information and high service levels

Repetitive questions can be dealt with more effectively by an automated chat bot. The customer receives an instant response and does not have to wait for an available employee. If the answer is insufficient or the question is too complex, the chat can be automatically redirected to an available and most suitable employee. The employee can then personally interact with the customer by chat, or by transforming the chat to a phone call without losing the context of the conversation. This is what we call intelligent communication, where a request is efficiently handled by the most suitable and skilled agent. Ensuring service levels to be achieved and contributing to employee satisfaction because employees do not waste time on simple repetitive requests but are able to focus on the more challenging ones.

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