uCallManager; the flexible Teams Direct Routing contactcenter is constantly improving; based on the feedback we receive from our customers. We are happy to share  the latest improvements. 

Advanced Teams Presence - accuracy agent hunting

We have made a major improvement on presence based agent hunting. Presence status interval for uCallManager is now nearly realtime. This solves the issue where agents become available and need to wait seconds before calls will be offered of where agents accept a call and receive another one because of the fact that their status had not changed in time.

uCallManager agent presence reporting dashboard

A frequently asked feature is now available in uCallManager reporting! uCallManager organisations can report on agent status now. Bringing not only insights to productivity and availability but also enables organisations to use uCallManager reporting for time registration purposes.

Improved refreshment rate uCallManager reporting

uCallManager reporting now refreshes every 30 minutes, bringing more accurate dashboard and reports. Of course, uWallBoard is always realtime. 

uCallManager feature list

Advanced Teams Direct Routing options

Use MS 365 call queues or add uCallManager queues with advanced agent routing options (round robin memory,  random, fewest calls, linear, least recent , round robin, ordered). Define timeout and servicelevel. and set next queue. 

uWallBoard for Teams

A web-based user-friendly wallboard for realtime insights on the status
of your queues. Displaying calls in queue, agents in call and available
agents in a queue. This web based wallboard for MS Teams is available on
any device at any time. 

uCallManager Reports

uCallManager provides a comprehensive (power BI) report that gives you real-time insight into service levels, call volume and call service levels, even from your mobile device. Want to create your own Power Bi Dashboard with KPI’s that are relevant for your business? We offer options for that. 

Integrate with Microsoft Shifts

Agents can be hunted based on the shift information in Microsoft Shifts. Agents are dynamically fetched from MS Teams shifts. This way your telephony system automatically follows your Shift configuration. Easy does it. 

uContactCard integration

We believe that your phone system should integrate with your company database, whether that is CRM, your helpdesk system or ERP application. As long as it is web based uCallManager will pop up  a Teams Adaptive Card displaying the relevant information from your system! That is Customer Service. 

Use your own phonenumbers

No need to migrate your numbers to Microsoft. uCallManager is available for third party SIP trunking. We add your trunk and numbers to the uCallManager platform and you are ready to go. 

uCallRecording for Teams

CallRecording is available for your selected queues. uCallRecording enables callrecording for every PSTN incoming call. And viewing callrecordings is easy; just from the uCallManager portal for the users that have been granted access to these recordings. Secure & Easy. 

Webbased userfriendly management portal

uCallManager comes with a userfriendly portal. Organizations can authorize admins per uCallManager feature and choose to only view or also edit uCallManager settings. Flexibility that counts. 

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