New! Chat Protection for Microsoft Teams in SkyKick Cloud Backup

Teams chat protection included at no extra charge

Now that Teams continues to expand, companies increasingly rely on Microsoft Teams for their business-critical communication, and protecting the data has become a priority. One key component that is often overlooked is Teams Chat. Now SkyKick Cloud backup has added Teams chat to the SkyKick Cloud Backup suite! At no extra charge!


Why you need an additional backup service

Universal has been working with SkyKick for years now. Why? Because of it’s easy activation, fully automated processes, unlimited backup and retention and finally because it is really affordable. Especially for the SMB segment. People often ask why an additional backup service is needed, doesn’t Microsoft take care of this. The answer is; yes Microsoft does protect your data but is not designed to quickly and easily restore lost, deleted or corrupted data. SkyKick Cloud Backup offers options to fully restore, granular restore or perform a point-in-time restore for emails, files, list items, conversations and more. Up to 6 backups a day. Your data never leaves the Azure environment, which ensures all the inherent security and compliance capabilities that Azure offers. 


Pricing is per user per month for a yearly commitment. Once your Microsoft tenant is enabled for Cloud Backup activation is an automated process. Whenever a user gains access to a Cloud Backup item in a Microsoft tenant with SkyKick (Exchange, SharePoint e.g.) then a backup service starts automatically for this user. No manual processes, no chance of forgetting to activate the backup for a new team member. 

Cloud Backup: € 6,00 user/month
  • Exchange Online
  • SharePoint 
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Microsoft Teams 
Exchange Backup: € 3,00 user/month
  • Exchange Online 

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