Dutch subsidy for cyber resilience

The Dutch Rijksdienst has made a digitization subsidy available to increase the cyber resilience of Dutch SME’s. A subsidy of up to € 2500 is available for SME’s with 2 to 50 employees.

The available subsidy reimburses fifty percent of the quotation price up to a maximum of 2500 euros. The subsidy includes software, hardware, advice, implementation costs or outsourcing to third parties, among other things to increase cyber resilience. The subsidy can be applied for until 30 November. 

Universal Security as a Service: perfect fit & immediate results

Through our SECURE.cloud offering, Universal provides an out of the box security service to help SME’s become more resilient to cyber crime. With affordable tools and intensive monitoring, we help you reach the secure baseline and safeguard, monitor, inform and advise. With SECURE.cloud you get an instant overview of where you stand as an organization in terms of security – giving you real-time insights that can help you easily determine how, when, and where to expand your security efforts. With SECURE.cloud we immediately implement the tools to make your organization more resilient. 

Save 50% - apply before November 30 (EXPIRED)

The average costs for Universal Security as a Service – for a SME with 25 people is approximately € 3.000 to € 5.000 per year. This includes licenses, reports, quarterly meetings and continuous monitoring. With this subsidy, Security as a Service is an affordable must have for every SME. 

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