Universal.cloud announces new data processing agreement

Universal.cloud, the leading provider of cloud services and solutions, has updated its data processing agreement (DPA) to comply with the latest regulations and best practices. The new DPA is effective from November 20, 2023 and applies to all customers who use Universal.cloud services.

Universal.cloud Data Processing Agreement (DPA)

The DPA is a legal document that describes how universal.cloud processes personal data on behalf of its customers, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other applicable laws.

The DPA covers topics such as data security, data transfers, data subject rights, data breach notifications, data retention, data deletion, and data audits.

The new DPA reflects Universal.cloud’s commitment to protect the privacy and security of its customers and their data. It also provides more clarity and transparency on how Universal.cloud handles personal data and what rights and obligations customers have.

The Data Processing Agreement is updated based on the actual services and products and replaced the previous DPA.
Customers can access the new DPA online at Universal.cloud. Customers do not need to sign the new DPA, as it is automatically incorporated into the terms and conditions of the service agreement that customers have with Universal.cloud.

Customers are advised to review the new DPA carefully and contact Universal.cloud’s support team if they have any questions or concerns.

Universal.cloud thanks its customers for their trust and loyalty and looks forward to continuing to provide them with the best cloud services and solutions.

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