Price changes for Microsoft seat based Cloud Services per April 1 2023

Microsoft wants to ensure that customers worldwide have more aligned pricing compared to the USD rate. Therefore they have announced to review foreign exchange rates twice a year.

Price increase for seat based licenses in Euro zone, Great Britain and Scandinavia.

Prices will be adjusted as follows:

– Euro: + 11%
– Britisch Pound: + 9%
– Danisch & Norwegian Krone: +11%
– Swedisch Krona: +15%

Price impact for new licenses and license renewals after April 1 2023

Prices will be adjusted per April 1. This means that licenses that will be added after April 1 will be adjusted to the new revised prices. Also, automatic renewals after April 1 will be adjusted to the new prices. 

The price increase is for seat based commercial licenses (Microsoft 365, Dynamics, Power Platform) but also for legacy Azure subscriptions (Azure Plan in NCE is not impacted).


Renew Now and lock-in your current pricing for another year

Licenses that will be renewed after April 1 will be adjusted to the new prices. New subscriptions added before April 1 will have price protection for the purchased term (month or year). Additional licenses that will be added to this subscription throughout the year will have the same locked-in price – until subscription renewal date. Therefore it is often recommendable to add 1 license (per product) now and add the additional licenses per renewal date. This might save you a lot of money. 

Here's our advise

Planning to add new services this year?
Don’t wait, purchase 1 license of your new product now!

Are your licenses scheduled to renew soon?
Don’t wait and renew now for at least 1 license.

Dynamics 365 customer?
Did you know you can add Dynamics 365 licenses with a 3-year term? This will guarantee a 3 year price lock.

Still using legacy Azure subscriptions?
Migrate to Azure Plan to  prevent price increase. Think about Azure reserved instances for lots of discount! 

We are here to advise and to help you create the best pricing strategy. Book an online meeting with one of our licensing specialists. 

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