Microsoft adjust cancellation term

Microsoft 365 cancellation policy changed to 7 days

Microsoft changed the cancellation period from 72 hours to 168 hours (7 days) recently . 

Recently Microsoft made some significant changes to the commercial experience in ordering seat based licenses like Microsoft Business, Enterprise, Dynamics, Exchange Online and Office licenses. 

After the recent launch of the “New Commerce Experience” yearly orders can no longer be cancelled early and the current cancellation period was only 72 hour. Therefore there was a significant risk of being tied to licenses that were ordered by mistake. Fortunately Microsoft listened to the feedback of her partners and changed this term to 7 days. 

This means that – after ordering Microsoft seat based licenses – you can cancel the order within 7 days. 

Add licenses in Universal Customer Portal

When partnering with Universal IT as your Cloud Solution Provider, you can add licenses by logging in to the Universal Customer Portal. In case you have accidently ordered the wrong license(s), create a ticket in the Universal Customer Portal with the request to remove the licenses from your tenant. Please do so as soon as possible since the cancellation options expires after 7 days. 

Need advice?

We are happy to assist you in choosing the best suitable licenses for your organisation. Pick a time and we’ll guide you. 

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