Exchange Online’s new email rate limit

Microsoft has announced a significant update to Exchange Online, set to take effect in January 2025. The platform will enforce an external recipient rate limit per mailbox of 2,000 recipients within a 24-hour period. This move aims to curb the misuse and abuse of Exchange Online resources by limiting bulk or high-volume transactional email.

Impact on customers

Bulk Email Restriction

The new External Recipient Rate (ERR) limit set by Exchange Online is a significant update that will impact customers starting January 2025. This limit caps the number of external recipients to 2,000 in a 24-hour period, as part of Microsoft’s efforts to reduce spam and misuse of services. The ERR limit will be a subset of the existing Recipient Rate limit, which allows for 10,000 recipients per day. 

Bulk Email Restriction taking place in January 2025

The implementation of the new limit will occur in two phases. Phase 1 begins in January 2025, affecting all newly created cloud-hosted mailboxes. Phase 2 will extend the limit to existing tenants between July and December 2025. This phased approach allows customers time to adjust their email strategies and explore alternative solutions if their business needs exceed the new limit. 

Action Plan for organizations surpassing these limits
Customers who need to send to more than 2,000 external recipients within 24 hours are encouraged to transition to Azure Communication Services for Email, which is tailored for high-volume email communication.

Azure Communication Services for Email is designed to cater to high-volume email communications, particularly for businesses that need to connect with customers on a large scale. It offers a robust set of features that include easy onboarding steps, allowing for a smooth integration with existing applications.
Reach out to us for personalized consultation and support
We encourage our customers to reach out to us for personalized consultation and support to ensure a smooth adaptation to these new regulations. Our expertise in cloud solutions positions us to provide the best possible guidance during this change.

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