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Improved Universal DNS features now in Universal Customer Portal

Integrated Cloud solutions start with the core element of your Cloud infrastructure; your domain names. We believe you should be in perfect control of these treasures! That is why we will soon enrich the DNS management portal for our customers and partners and create integrated access through the Universal Customer Portal.

Domain Name System (DNS) is the core of your ICT infrastructure, since services like e-mail, websites, applications and authorizations are related to your company domains. That is why it is crucial to be in control of these precious assets. And to provide our customers to be in control we have improved the Universal Domain Names Services portal.

Enhanced DNS features

Universal DNS provides everything you need to create, manage and control your company domains. Create domains and subdomains, add all kinds of DNS records like NS records, A- records, WWW records, txt records, TTL and more; all you need to be in complete control of your company domain treasures. Universal DNS will soon replace the DNS services in the current Control Cloud Service portal.
Enhanced Universal DNS management

Authorizations by using Customer Portal permission features

The Universal Customer Portal is the primary portal for our customers and partners to manage services and access information. The Universal Customer Portal is already based on user based permissions. Customers can grant individuals permissions to manage specific services or access specific information. This way you can delegate permissions and make sure your team has everything it takes to optimize services. By integrating DNS services to the Universal Customer Portal you can grant permissions to your team or individuals to manage domain name services. Easy and secure.

Extensive changelog in Universal DNS

The extensive changelog provides full insights into what is happening, who changed what and when. It is all there for you to report on or use for compliancy purposes.

Phased roll-out

Implementation will start this month and we expect to activate the enhanced DNS features for all customers within the next 8 weeks. No action is needed from our customers and of course there is no downtime in services. Just keep an eye on your mailbox, where you’ll find the invitation to access Universal DNS once your company domains are manageable in the new portal.

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