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Apple Vision Pro for Microsoft Productivity

As a Microsoft partner, we as are always looking for new developments that can increase productivity. 2024 is not only about new AI possibilities such as Copilot, but also the year of Apple with a new AR/VR headset; the Vision Pro. And we are happy to have the Vision Pro in the office, available for demo’s for our customers.

Taking you into a new 3D world

Universal has managed to get hold of a Vision Pro and takes you into a new 3D world in this blog. Our model is equipped with 512GB of storage capacity and ZEISS Optical Inserts (for those who, like the writer, need reading glasses). Before we get into the use of Microsoft 365 applications on the Apple Vision Pro headset, a few general things to introduce you.

The Vision Pro is an advanced device that combines augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies to create immersive and interactive experiences. The headset is based on a new operating system Vision OS. This system will coexist with the other Apple systems: iOS, iPad OS, Mac OS, TV OS and Watch OS. Launched as version 1, we expect updates to be made to Vision OS at a rapid pace. Not because the system doesn’t work properly, but purely because there are still so many possibilities then is currently available as standard. Just like with the first iPhone, in a few years this OS will be able to grow into a fully-fledged platform on which we can independently carry out our daily work. After activating our copy, an update was already available that improved the virtual Persona Avatar. This Persona is a reflection of a user appearing in video meetings.

Of course, the Vision Pro offers enough for leisure applications with 3D movies (spatial video). Video recordings made with an iPhone 15 Pro look fantastic when you look back at them on the Vision Pro. We have played a number of Apple Arcade games that are optimized for the headset and that will be a reason in itself for video game lovers to consider buying the Visio Pro ($3500). It’s a considerable amount of money, of course, but for this you get a powerful Mac computer comparable to an M2 MacBook on your head, which delivers the sound and image of an IMAX cinema.

Microsoft 365 apps on Vision Pro

With the Vision Pro, you can access and use Microsoft 365 apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Teams in a 3D environment, where you can easily manipulate and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, chats, and calls. Each App can be placed somewhere in the space around you. This suddenly gives you access to a large number of computer screens. After an hour of working with the Vision Pro, working behind a desk with 2 displays already feels outdated. The scenario where you’re traveling, but still have to work on a small laptop screen for a decent number of hours, also seems to have been solved with this. With the Vision Pro, it’s like taking multiple 35-inch 4K screens with you in your suitcase.

Security and device management

To use Microsoft 365 applications on the Vision Pro headset, you must have a Microsoft 365 subscription and download the Microsoft 365 apps for Vision Pro from the Apple App Store. The app will sync your Microsoft account and settings with the Vision Pro headset, and allows you to access and use your Microsoft 365 apps. You can then use the Microsoft 365 apps anytime, anywhere, without the need for a laptop, tablet or smartphone. If you do have a Mac, you can use it from the Vision Pro. The screen of your Mac is then projected as a window in front of your eyes, after which the screen on your physical Mac dims. So there are 3 options to work with MS 365 software: Native Vision Pro Apps, Browser Apps or streaming from a Mac. If a Vision OS optimized version is not yet available, an iPad version can be used. There are now (19-2-2024) more than 1000 apps available.

There is currently no support for device management with Intune, so it will be a challenge for companies that have security policies in place such as conditional access, to be able to use the headset in a secure way.

Tip: A Mac managed through Intune can still be accessed from the Vision Pro, so that secure Apps are still available.

We do expect support for Intune in the near future, as the Vision Pro is perfectly suitable for organizations. Think of applications such as JigSpace , where new employees can virtually experience how certain systems work and manipulate them. For example, we played with a Formula 1 car that can be taken apart step by step. The details are very real, considering that there is a 4K display available for every human eye, so to speak.

By default, you can operate Apps with your eyes and fingers. By looking at an App or a button, it is selected by default and you can make a selection with a simple movement of your finger and thumb (for those who prefer to work with a keyboard and mouse, this is also possible). Controlling it with your eyes works smoothly and reminded us of Microsoft’s Hololens introduced 6 years ago. It is noticeable that the 5 sensors, 12 cameras and 6 microphones provide an improved user experience compared to previous VR headsets. Thanks to the fast M2 and R1 processors, movements can be processed in 12 milliseconds. That’s about 8x faster than blinking your eyes. For spectators, the Vision Pro’s image can be shared via Airplay to another Apple device. For example, you can watch what the Vision Pro user sees on a large screen with Apple TV, although that is obviously not as spectacular as experiencing it in 3D on the Vision Pro itself. We weren’t super excited about our own Avatars yet…. But maybe that’s vanity.

Applications for organizations

How the Vision Pro immediately provides a new way of working is when preparing a presentation. This way, you can practice it “dry” as if you were on a large stage in Apple’s own headquarters. You are then in the center of attention and really looking at a large conference room filled with spotlights. The presentation (sheets) are shown behind you and you can actually see that by turning your head and looking back. Satisfied with the result, you convert it to a PowerPoint and share it in a Teams meeting.


At Universal, we are very excited about the possibilities and look forward to the many applications for our clients. In a future blog, we will take a closer look at the experiences we gain in working with the headset on a daily basis. Read our previous blog about selecting the right AI Solutions and stay tuned for more information.

We invite our customers to visit our office in Arnhem for a free 30-minute demo of the Apple Vision Pro and see for yourself the many possibilities and applications for your organization. 

By Alex van der Stam


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