App Overload! Managing Comms, Channels, and Customers

There can be no doubt that businesses have faced some massive challenges over the past few months. For many eCommerce and service-based companies, there’s an urgent need to get things back on track and to do whatever they can to meet customer needs.

As a result, many businesses are now expected to be available around the clock and provide personalised customer experiences. However, the reality is that not only are more staff required to make sure needs are met, but in order to cover all of the different channels used, an entire army of third party apps are needed.

Why is this a problem? A recent Mavenlink report showed that 73% of employees spend more than 1 hour per day on average navigating between different apps. Given the huge loss of productivity this can cause – especially at scale – there’s an inevitable impact on revenue.

So how do you continue to deliver seamless customer experiences and maintain multichannel conversations, while keeping your employees productive and your business profitable?

There is a way.

All Under One Roof

We´re seeing many businesses, of all shapes and sizes, take a fragmented approach to running their day to day business operations. A Gmail account here, OneDrive there: as well as Slack, Zoom, Telegram, WhatsApp – you name it. In short, consolidation would be nice, but legacy accounts and platforms are hard to get rid of when they’re used on a regular basis.

Right now, there’s been a massive increase in the use of Microsoft Teams. Not only does it offer video conferencing and information sharing; it also integrates easily with the rest of the Microsoft 365 suite – or as Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365, was quoted as saying, “We believe that all businesses should have all their applications under one roof.”

We couldn’t agree more! By offering a number of applications in a single platform, users have access to multiple reports and insights, which help users make better informed strategic decisions.

However, while this might all work well internally – as a communications and data-led platform for a company’s employees – an additional set of unified communications tools are needed to interface with customers.

Collaboration Makes Us Better

Here at Universal we believe collaboration between businesses and their customers is paramount to a company’s success. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Microsoft 365 to offer businesses a complete end-to-end solution.

Suppose one of your agents has a direct conversation with a customer through uWebChat. The conversation can be automatically stored in Microsoft 365 where your teams can pick up the conversation at a later date through Microsoft Teams.

No more logging into different applications hoping that someone saved the correspondence. It’s all there – accessible any time: the next time that customer calls.

Keeping Things Moving

Keeping customers waiting isn’t good for anyone. That’s why it’s essential to manage customers’ expectations when times are busy.

uWebChat offers complete automation, so if an agent isn´t available, the customer can use the Q&A bot or leave a message for the team. The team will be alerted through a popup message and the first available agent can acknowledge the message and start working on the customer’s request. And as all conversations with customers – via a bot or human – a chat log is available in your own Microsoft 365 tenant, you’ll always have an audit trail.

Ready to explore a new way forward?

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