A dream come true

​Unpleasant events such as a crisis sometimes lead to innovations. We have accelerated the development of our communication software. Putting you in control of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and making our dream come true.


It has always been our dream to have our own software product that can be used globally. To wake up in the morning and see the number of last night’s new downloads all around the globe. And when that software is based on state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, that is the ultimate dream come true. As always, we do things thoroughly. We already had our extensive development infrastructure, our DevOps factory, in place. Now it is time to produce at full speed, with the aim to release a new version every week. This requires an intensive collaboration of developers, cloud engineers, testers, and support staff to work in accordance with our ISO27001 information security standard.

Artificial Intelligence

About a year and a half ago, we started experimenting with artificial intelligence. Applying conversational AI from the Microsoft Azure Cloud and using cognitive services in our own Chat Bot software. Our goal; use the available models for recognizing patterns, without the need for data scientists in the first place. AI does not have to be complex and is primarily used to support software developers. They can quickly achieve results using speech recognition and understanding natural language. We have deliberately chosen an architecture that does not use ‘classic’ virtual servers, but focuses on serverless computing. This makes it possible to automatically scale up to hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users, no matter where they are in the world.


With a small number of customers, pilots have been done to test our product uWebChat. During the same period, we have been in close contact with Microsoft to ensure that the product is available in the Business Apps Store (AppSource) and in the Microsoft Teams catalog. We notice that it is mainly the end user themselves who start working with the software. Using the existing context of Office 365 security makes that possible. The customer owns his data. After a cautious start with several countries, we decided last month to publish in 140 countries making our software globally available.

Ready to go

It is an absolute thrill to see organizations publishing the uWebChat button on their website all over the world. The AI-controlled dialogues ensure that customers are perfectly able to easily install and activate the software. No long implementation processes. Just start a conversation with the Chat Bot and it will automatically generate the right code to embed on your website. And the system is ready to go. Our expertise on Azure as a Cloud infrastructure, combined with our Services for Skype for Business & Teams, has resulted in a mature software product. Applying Artificial Intelligence for better customer service: that is our goal. We are never ready and will continue to learn and improve every single day. As a result, you will always have the latest and most innovative software. We have already started dreaming about the next phase: universal communication in which customers communicate with colleagues or customers, both in their own preferred language. What is your dream? We would love to hear about it!

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