Domain validation regarding new certificate for Skype for Business SIP domain



To secure all Skype for Business communications, certificates are used encrypt internet traffic.

We require you to validate the ownership of this domain within 7 business days by creating a CNAME DNS-zone record with the following details:
MD5 = 95911A381D9409CDCB5213F52E33B4B6
SHA-1 = E07219F3CFEC8D8CF1B9ED64657614347490F5C6

Create a CNAME record with hashes used as follow:
<MD5 hash value> CNAME  <SHA1 hash value>

In the attached manual you will find instructions on how to use these 2 values (MD5 & SHA-1).

Please follow the instructions on your domain hosters portal to create this record.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding this validation process.

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