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Digital visitor registration App  

Powered by Universal IT

Digital visitor registration App; professional appearance and GDPR compliant  


Digitize your visitor registration with this powerfull App. 

GDPR compliant 

Your visitor's data is securely stored on SharePoint Online in your own Office 365 tenant.  


From now on paper lists are no longer needed with the digital visitor registration app.


As soon as a visitor registers, a message is sent to the employee. This can be done via MS Teams, Skype for Business or e-mail. 

Check in with relevant visitor information 

Relevant information for the visitor will be displayed in the app; e.g. safety regulations, your privacy statement or other specific information that applies to your organization. A checkbox that needs to be marked once the visitor has read the information is available. 

Check out with automatic time registration and visitor verification 

As soon as a visitor checks out, the check out time is automatically registerd. Errors with incorrect or non-readable lists are a thing of the past. This app brings you realtime accurate information about check-in and check-out times. In addition, every visitor must identify with a unique ID (such as a badge number or mobile number) to ensure that the visitor can only check-out him/herself

Automatic notification to  the person to be visited

Once a visitor has checked in, an automatic message is sent via MS Teams to a MS Teams user, a Skype Online user or via e-mail. 

GDPR compliant reporting 

Real-time and complete insight of people present in your office and the option to communicate with them in case of an incident. 

App with your corporate identity  

The App displays your corporate identiy; font, logo, colours. The App is developed for MS Surface Pro devices in a SmartDock but if you want the app to display on any other device, we will scale the App to fit your device.